RESCAM conference - Research in creation and its different temporalities

from September 16, 2021 to October 17, 2021

This European conference is organized by RESCAM, an interuniversity network of Creation, Arts and Media doctoral schools, in collaboration with SFR Création.

Colloque Rescam

The event will be marked by sixteen interventions by doctoral students, performances and two conferences. These two days of colloquium will be an opportunity for discussions, presentations and interdisciplinary debates which will deal with the specificity of the gestures of artistic research and the particular attention to be paid to questions of temporalities, experimentation, creation, transcription and transmission.

The 2021 edition will invite us to question how the temporalities of different artistic practices influence creative research at the doctoral level. These rhythms are found both in experimentation, reflexivity, bridges between artistic practices and disciplinary fields, with the sharing of the public, as well as with future researchers. Since the doctorate is a diploma, peer review also imposes de facto institutional temporality.

As part of this conference, the following questions will be addressed:

  • How should the rhythms specific to each artistic practice be considered in the research process in doctoral creation?
  • How do the various artistic practices (plastic arts, dance, music, theater, literature, cinema, circus, etc.) shape and model the temporalities of research in creation?
  • How to think about the temporalities of the act of curating the exhibition and of the editorial activity within the framework of the presentation of the thesis?
  • How do you associate a research temporality with that of creation which develops in a complementary or competitive manner?
  • How do you associate a temporality of research with that of creation that already exists?

The main mission of the Interuniversity Network of Creation, Arts and Media doctoral schools (RESCAM) is to support doctoral schools in their actions to develop and promote the doctorate in Arts and Media. While respecting the specificities of the various structures, it responds to the need for exchanges of good practices between directors in terms of doctoral supervision and professional integration of doctors. He also participates in discussions on the future of the doctorate in Arts and Media.

It helps to share achievements which constitute an added value compared to the missions of the ED (transversal seminars, conferences, summer universities, thesis prizes and other innovative devices). More broadly, it involves promoting contact with public or private partners in order to promote doctoral training in Arts and Media and to work for better recognition in the socio-economic and cultural sector of artistic disciplines, by highlighting light in particular the innovation process through Art. federates, since 2011, 18 doctoral schools in France. Around 4,000 doctoral students and a thousand research professors have thus been opened an extensive network to develop, disseminate and promote research in the Arts and Media.

By including "Creation" in its title, the Network is showing its interest in research that questions itself and generates devices and approaches that are constantly better suited to artistic and cultural change in the contemporary world. Research in line with the times and new ways of integrating new researchers are explored through innovative systems, alongside the more traditional training courses offered by doctoral schools, calls for contributions, thesis grants, mission offers, etc.

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Published on September 15, 2021

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