JIT (Journées d'informatique théâtrale) 2020 as part of Experimenta

February 12 to February 14, 2020

Shooting and video editing by Eloïse Mahieux, student in M1 Artistic creation, film studies course

Day 1 - Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Why «theatrical computing»? - Rémi Ronfard (INRIA) and Julie Valero (UGA), day organisers

Stakes and challenges of "theatrical computing"
ENSATT: directions of research and development - François Weber (ENSATT)

Do engineers and artists work well together? - Nicolas Bertrand and Philippe Chaurand (Anomes company)

Theatrical Internet: culture in LAN and WAN - Sébasten Riou (Technical Director)

Feedback: the research-creation collaboration between the UMR Litt&Arts and Hexagone's national arts-sciences scene

Video feedback, algorithms and "living images": a challenge for theatre direction - Marie-Agnès Cathiard (UGA), Ève Gauthier (UGA), Patrick Pajon (UGA), Lionel Palun (Artist)

Day 2 - Thursday 13 February 2020

Augmented scenes
Augmented Reality on Stage: Analysis and Perspectives - Gillian Borrell (UGA), Julie Valero, Rémi Ronfard

Virtual reality and scenography: simplifying implementation and sharing - Olivier Borne (Scenographer)

Round table meeting

Working with computers in the theater environment: crossed experiences - Thierry Coduys (scenographer, musician, sound engineer) and Agnès de Cayeux (web artist, MAST at the University of Amiens)

Scene Creations and Artificial Intelligence
Aporia : a multidisciplinary performance arts and AI - Véronique Aubergé (CNNS-LIG), Ambre Davat (LIG), Alain Quercia (Artist)

Artists and engineers: for a dialogue between two cultures. On some Swiss interdisciplinary collaborations - Izabella Pluta (Associate Researcher, University of Lausanne)

Do digital agents do Dada? - Gunter Lösel (Zurich University of Arts), Piotr Mirowski and Kori W. Mathewson (DeepMind)

Day 3 - Friday 14 February, 2020

Research and creation: stage writing, dramaturgical issues 1

Development at the service of stage writing - David Farjon (director), Jérémie Gaston-Raoul (developer), Sylvain Fontimpe (actor) - Compagnie Légendes urbaines

Is the digital game worth it? From the difficulty to make digital interaction in the theatre felt - Thomas Morisset (Centre Victor Basch, Sorbonne University / INePH, University Paris Nanterre)

Research and creation: stage writing, dramaturgical issues 2
Modeling and digitizing the writing of a complex stage production - Rorbert Faguy

You fight! Designing virtual mediated spaces and digital dramaturgies for live performances - Andrea Giomi (UGA), Ana Shametaj (artist, Kokoschka Nevival, Milan)

Traces and memories of theatrical work: perspectives opened up by information technology

Mascarille: a singular and protean experience - Emile Zeizig (Association Mascarille)

KinoAI: web software for the study of rehearsals - Jimmy Patouillard (UGA), Rémi Ronfard, Julie Valero

Improvising the archive: a project about the archive and the commons by Medea electronics - Angeliki Poulou


Sarah DE LEEUW - Creative Geographies & poetry conference

Tuesday 10 October 2019

DD DORVILLIER - Meeting around the choreographer's job

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Laura Élisa PEREZ- Decolonizing Self-Portraits in Kahlo, Mendieta, and Cervántez Conference

Tuesday 31 January 2019

Maaike BLEEKER - Performances of knowing conference

Thursday 11 October 2019

Download the presentation of Maaike BLEEKER : Performances of Knowing Grenoble [5.98, .PDF]

Gay MCAULEY - Observation and analysis of theatrical rehearsals conference

Thursday 27 September 2019