Gestures & Frequencies

Body data capture from the extraordinary to the infraordinary carried by Lionel Reveret and Gretchen Schiller
Targeted laboratory sessions will allow us to diversify the perspectives from which the body is understood and represented, by performing motion capture tests with experts in their work environment (in a rehearsal studio), with simultaneous capture by an academic observer as an incarnated archivist.
The capture of body data will take place in the context of "choreographies located" in dance, circus and performance. This team will create tools that will allow us to "read" the polyrhythmic nature of the movement as "multilayered" and multi-representational. The computer scientist will use video, sound, pressure, acceleration, biofeedback and electromyography sensors that will be placed on the interpreter and in the space. At the same time, the geographer will collect contextual data (logbook notes) of the human actions and reactions that will serve as reflexive and sensory field notes.

Published on November 15, 2019