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Collaborative approaches


The existing Performascope tool will be further developed (WP1-RT1, Resp. Gretchen Schiller). New contributions to its content will be added with an international scientific editorial board. An oral portal Performaphone will be added which will include new oral histories (WP1-RT2, Resp. Gretchen Schiller). Workshops will be organized for all members of the consortium to share tools, techniques and methods as well as question together how to capture site-specific sensorial data of performance (WP1-RT3, Resp. Perrine Poupin).
Responsible persons: Gretchen Schiller (UMR Litt&Arts) and Perrine Poupin (CNRS CRESSON)
Researchers involved: the entire consortium

Submitted on October 10, 2023

Updated on October 10, 2023