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Oral history and Performance


In WP3, the first task asks how can we increase, within the performing arts field, the understanding of the diverse roles, voices and points of view involved in contemporary art making through recording and archiving oral histories (WP3.RT1, Resp. AliceFolco)? This second task questions how and why oral testimonies are increasingly incorporated into contemporary performance and examines the artistic, political and sociological stakes attached to this trend (WP3-RT2, Resp. Severine Ruset). A Research creation installation will be produced integrating and innovating new forms of orality and gestural interaction : Anatomies of listening (WP3-RT3, Resp. Gretchen Schiller). Finally, a PhD thesis based on participatory forms of art practices associated with urban hospitality will be undertaken with anthropological driven case studies (WP3-RT4, Resp. Marc Breviglieri).
Responsible person: Séverine Ruset (UMR Litt&Arts)
Researchers involved: Paul Bai, Pauline Bouchet, Marc Breviglieri, Anne Cuyela, Alice Folco, Sonia Kerfa, Marie Mianowski, Séverine Ruset, Gretchen Schiller.

Submitted on October 10, 2023

Updated on November 16, 2023