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Gretchen Schiller

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Principal researcher at the Performance Laboratory, choreography researcher and professor at the University of Grenoble Alpes.

She is in charge of the Arts in the Alps project and the Federal Structure for Research Creation, which will be located in the new premises of the House of Creation and Innovation in 2019. She is a principal investigator at the Performance Laboratory - an IDEX label project that brings together academics from the fields of geography, performing arts and computer science over a period of 3.5 years. Her choreographic research focuses on the notion of embodied agentivity through participatory installations, "screen dances", performances, workshops and critical writing. Born in Canada and raised in Brazil, Colombia and Australia, she obtained her B.A. in Dance and Francophone Canadian Studies from the University of Calgary (Canada), her M.A. in Choreography from UCLA (United States) and her PhD from the Science, Technology and Art Research Program at the University of Plymouth (United Kingdom). She was also a student in the Visual Arts Department at MIT Cambridge (United States).

Gretchen Schiller

Publié le 5 octobre 2023

Mis à jour le 16 novembre 2023