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Performascope, bilingual (FR/EN) interdisciplinary lexicon of performance and research-creation - Call for entries 2023

From February 1, 2023 to March 3, 2023


You can contribute to the Performascope, a bilingual (French/English) interdisciplinary lexicon dedicated to the performative turn in research and research-creation, by responding to the 2023 call for contributions launched within the Performance Lab project.

Your contribution may concern an existing term or a new term. This term will reflect your own research practice and its use in research.


Remember that a term is characterized by four components:
A definition introducing its scope, both theoretical and disciplinary, and reviewed collectively by the Performascope editorial team,
Perspectives written by researchers, artists and artist-researchers based on the experience of their field of study,
Quotations from authors proposing elements of definition, potentially contradictory or controversial, but nevertheless precise, clear and legitimate due to the scientific reputation of their authors, in order to concisely construct a notion as an intra or interdisciplinary dialectic,
The bibliography, references extending the citations.


Deadline for contextualized proposal of your term in 5 lines: March 3, 2023
Validation of the submitted term: March 17, 2023
Receipt of your contribution: April 17, 2023
Submission of the revised contributions, taking into account any remarks or requests for clarification from the scientific committee: May 9, 2023
Final acceptance of the contributions in French and English, and receipt of the signed publication authorization (which will be sent to you before publication): June 6, 2023
Online publication of the texts: during June 2023

Contact and information:

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From February 1, 2023 to March 3, 2023

Submitted on October 11, 2023

Updated on November 16, 2023